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What is GcMAF

All 6 billion healthy people have natural GcMAF inside them – it is the commanding officer of your immune system.

In healthy people around 10,000 cells a day mutate into malignant or cancerous cells.

Amongst other functions, the GcMAF in our bodies instructs your macrophages to eat those cancerous cells. You can see a video, at the bottom of our home page, of cancer cells in a culture dish being eaten by macrophages activated by’s GcMAF.

Without the GcMAF we make inside us every day, we would all have died of diseases while still children.

Serious illnesses like cancer, aids and HIV, destroy your GcMAF, which neutralises your immune system, so the disease can grow unchecked.

GcMAF, among other things, is an immune system regulator / commander, and Professor Marco Ruggiero has also shown in cell culture trays that, in the absence of macrophages,’s GcMAF turns cancer cells back into healthy cells.

How does it work?

The starting point for most cancer is usually poor nutrition.

Fast foods, processed foods, fat-free, vegan or vegetarian diets, or diets high in grains (especially wheat), beans and potatoes starve the immune system of essential amino acids, trace metals and lipids.

Cancer is then able to grow to the point where it can send out the enzyme nagalase and destroy your own GcMAF, collapsing your immune system and the cancer grows unchecked.

We extract GcMAF; you inject it back into yourself in weekly shots. Side effects are minimal and you cannot overdose on GcMAF.

In three weeks your immune system is back to full strength. If you are a responder, in 6 months your immune system can eradicate early stage cancers, and in 12 months terminal cancers.

Nagalase does not attack GcMAF – it prevents your body from making GcMAF by attacking your GcProtein.

But GcMAF only lives for a week – so you must keep taking ours until your nagalase is below 0.62 – then your own GcMAF will take over again.

It appears to be beneficial for more than 50 percent of people, providing they eat the right foods for their immune system – butter, cream, coconut milk, lime, chicken, fish, meat; which equals the caveman diet.

Do not eat sugar, carbohydrates, grains, beans and potatoes.

You need to either have normal levels of vitamin D, or take 4000 – 9000 IU a day as a supplement.

For a minority of people taking our GcMAF it has no visible effect. That could be because something else, not the GcMAF, is wrong with their immune system.

Some people are high responders and can see their tumours have begun to shrink in scans in as little as 8 weeks; others take many months. The VDR gene may play a role here.

So how do I know all this is true?

      Because there are 59 major research papers published on GcMAF by 142 eminent scientists on the US National Library of Medicine alone; most of them are listed under “The Science” on this website. And about 40 papers published elsewhere. All their conclusions are the same. And many other publications by those scientists on GcMAF which you can research yourself.
      The peer reviewed documented and published trials carried out by Dr Yamamoto in which he eradicated cancer in all his stage 1 / stage 2 patients (several hundred), and 15 patients of HIV.
       The successes we are having with our GcMAF on “Participants’ experiences” under “Quality” above. We can put you in touch with their doctor (and sometimes the participant) if you have a particular interest.
      The nine tests we do on our GcMAF, including independent sterility assays by a top government microbiology authority and the activity assays described in “Tests of our GcMAF,”  again under “Quality.”
      Because ours is the only production GcMAF used by scientists, researchers and universities, who have carried out hundreds of experiments with it. If there was anything wrong they would tell us immediately. You will see a credit to “ or Immuno Biotech” on some of the later research papers.
      Because of the 100+ cancer clinics with highly qualified doctors and oncologists using our GcMAF. For example, Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet and others who have eradicated autism in 15% of the 2,000+ autistic children they have treated. And Dr Steven Hofman who has eradicated half the cancer tumour burden in all ten of his patients.
    Because of our assay experiments, where we film, through microscopes with time-lapse photography, GcMAF destroying cancer cells in vitro, and, as this is leading edge technology, the 12 research papers on our results we have had published or accepted by scientific institutions this year, 2013, alone.

Who responds best to GcMAF?

People with bb/FF VDR geneotypes respond best, the Bb/Ff still gives a strong response, and the BB/ff geneotype does not respond, according to a paper by Professors Ruggiero, Pacini and Dr Yamamoto (see List of Research above). Fortunately bb/FF is the most common, and BB/ff is the most unusual, and it needs higher doses of GcMAF.

A high Nagalase result indicates GcMAF should be effective. A normal healthy result is under 0.62, whereas a reading of 7 is very high.

You can ask your doctor for a blood test to show the strength of your immune system, relevant markers, and vitamin D levels. Many companies will evaluate the strength of your immune system.

GcMAF needs normal serum levels of vitamin D to operate at full strength. 80 percent of cancer and HIV patients have low vitamin D, which is why we recommend 4-9000 IU of vitamin D a day.

We do not insist on these two blood tests, but they are very helpful to you and us.

Do you supply doctors and clinics?

If you are a clinic and wish to be noted on our website please advise us.

Where do you ship to?

Please email us to find out more.

What if the ice cubes melt?

That is normal. You can use the plastic ice cubes to make your wine cold.

You won’t have lost activity if the vial remains cool and hardly any in two or three days at room temperature either.  If in doubt put a thermometer in the neck of the flask on arrival.  Do not freeze more than once. Store it in a fridge at +4 degrees C.

What are the indications that the GcMAF is working?

If you get two blood samples drawn just before you start, one for nagalase levels, the other a normal doctor’s full blood test including haemoglobin, white cells and vitamin D level, you should see:

1. Your monocyte count should rise early on, above your baseline level.

2. At the end of three weeks your immune system is likely to be at full strength (80% of cases).

3. At 8 weeks your nagalase should have dropped significantly – between 10% and 40%

but the immune system firstly inflames and swells tumours, and cancer markers are usually still rising at this point, because tumours may also begin breaking up.

4. At around 10 weeks those with symptoms may feel improvements.

5. In 3 months tumour shrinkage may be seen on scans.

To work effectively, GcMAF needs normal levels of vitamin D. As much as 9000 IU a day may be needed.

Please read “Treatment Strategies“: You can speed things up by eating the correct diet for the human body – our original “Caveman diet” – white meat, fish, vegetables. Exercise in the sunshine helps the immune system wake up.

You can also help the immune system in other ways, by adding DCA and high dose vitamin C.

Less than 8 shots in a vial?

We recommend you use a 0.3ml syringe. If you are using a larger syringe than this you might find that you get less than eight shots out of the bottle. This is because there is a larger amount of residue left inside a larger syringe. After 6 or 7 shots this amount of residue may result in your having a short-fall.

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