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Bravo Probiotic, assayed and proven to contain GcMAF



It is a harmonious natural symbiosis of milk ferments and microorganisms known to mankind for thousands of years.

BRAVO PROBIOTIC  combines the known health benefits of different products derived from milk fermentation, but contains GcMAF.

BRAVO PROBIOTIC  is formulated with the intention of obtaining two goals:

Naturally produce powerful immune-stimulant molecules

Restore the healthy human microbiome

MAF314 is the name of a sequence of steps that have been tested in a laboratory, but was never intended as a product.

BRAVO PROBIOTIC has been formulated using exactly the same principles and procedures published by Marco Ruggiero et al. to obtain a fermented milk product naturally enriched in powerful immuno-stimulating molecules including GcMAF. BRAVO PROBIOTIC is the only probiotic to have been tested in the laboratory and yielded results identical to those obtained with our pure GcMAF.

BRAVO PROBIOTIC joins our GcMAF in regular testing and activity assays in our laboratory, and is available from Immuno Biotech, as is the GcMAF mouth wash.

BRAVO PROBIOTIC is a blend of ferments from which you can make, in batches of one litre up, 90 litres, sufficient for a year. Buy some local high quality milk and colostrum, follow the instructions, and ferment for two days in your kitchen.  It lasts for three weeks in the fridge.

The life expectancy of Bravo Probiotic is 1-2 years after you receive it, and of the small portion you mix, 2-3 weeks after you mix it. It takes two days of fermentation to produce, and you will need to buy colostrum. When you eat it, chew it for at least a minute and a half.

To purchase Bravo Probiotic, click “Buy GcMAF here” at the top left of our website, and tell us you want it. It costs €2,000 for a year’s supply. We can now provide 3 months supply for €550 plus delivery. If we already know you, just send us an email, or phone 00 44 7781 411737.

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