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We have developed GOleic, a supplement, oleic acid stabilised by its physiological binding protein. Oleic acid is found naturally both in the human body and in olive oil; it is the first thing GcMAF looks for once it enters the body. In the laboratory it is many times more powerful than standard GcMAF; and has been eradicating cancer in 3/4 the time of GcMAF. About 4,000 people have taken it so far.

Please state whether you want it in a dropper bottle for autism, Lyme, CFS.
Or more powerful doses for cancer etc in a vial, when its dosage is the same as for GcMAF.

It can be used in a nebuliser, and if you have a compounding pharmacist, as suppositories.

Peer reviewed data was presented at the 18th International Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) in Liverpool UK, 19-22 October 2013, in which is was stated that Goliec is 200 times more powerful than ordinary GcMAF in the laboratory (its referred to as “hydrophobic domains binding vitamin D and fatty acids”). Its probably a third more effective in humans.

GOleic has already been more effective than ordinary GcMAF for autism and HIV; and is expected to be for CFS. It is best taken in the same way as GcMAF, but can be sublingual drops (or a mouthwash) which is particularly useful for the initial treatment of autism and CFS.

GOleic comes already bound to its own delivery system in the body, Vitamin D Binding Protein or VDBP. It delivers the right nutrients to where they are needed, including the vitamin D receptor. GOleic’s arrives in either a vial, (treat as GcMAF) or a dropper bottle, and its 8 doses.

If taken sublingually, one drop is 0.04 ml (an autistic child’s first dose) and 6 drops is one normal adult dose of 0.25ml, or 100ng. You put it under your tongue as you get into bed. Or 6 drops into 15ml of water (under 1/4 inch in a glass) and gargle for 90 seconds, at least once a week.

Do not drink any liquid and do not eat for at least 30 minutes after taking (that’s why it is best to do this immediately before sleeping).

We wrote three papers on the science behind Goleic, which were peer reviewed and published at the 15th International Congress of Immunology and the International Cancer Congress at Amsterdam. They are Nos 6,7 and 8 in our list under “The Science” on our website.

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Oleic acid (a component of olive oil) is found naturally in the human body. GOleic was developed taking into account the physiological assembly of GcMAF. In fact, Gc protein (and therefore GcMAF, since the modification from Gc protein to GcMAF occurs only on Thr 420) shows a shallow cleft composed of hydrophobic amino acids that bind fatty acids, and oleic acid in particular.

For an unknown reason, this observation, although not new (it was published in 1988 in Williams, M.H.; Van Alstyne, E.L.; Galbraith, R.M. Evidence of a novel association of unsaturated fatty acids with Gc (vitamin D-binding protein). Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 1988, 153(3), 1019-1024.) has been overlooked by researchers working in the field of GcMAF who have concentrated their attention onto the glycosylation pattern of Thr 420.

In addition to these considerations, it should be noticed that oleic acid is a natural “enhancer” for protein transport through the sublingual route. In another paper (Biol Pharm Bull. 2005 Dec;28(12):2279-88. Sublingual delivery of insulin: effects of enhancers on the mucosal lipid fluidity and protein conformation, transport, and in vivo hypoglycemic activity.), it was demonstrated that oleic acid enabled insulin absorption through the sublingual route inducing the expected hypoglycaemia.

However, at variance with other substances known to enhance sublingual insulin absorption, oleic acid did not disrupt the molecular assembly of the insulin molecules and, more important, induced a slow, more physiological, absorption with a consequent gentle slope of hypoglycaemia.

Therefore, on the basis of these published results, it can be concluded that oleic acid-insulin is the best and most physiological molecular assembly to obtain the desired biological effect when administering insulin through the sublingual route.

This is all the more valid with GcMAF, in particular when an abrupt stimulation of the immune system is not desirable. In fact, the very complexing with oleic acid favours a type of absorption that is the closest to the physiologic production of endogenous GcMAF.

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