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GcMAF Macact Mouthwash

At the GcMAF Conference 2013, GcMAF announced that it was formally launching Macact Mouthwash.

This is principally for dentists to eradicate viral and bacterial diseases of the mouth. It has undergone significant scientific scrutiny and testing. Just one dentist has used it successfully in 10 cases, and it took an average of 8 weeks to eradicate a number of diseases.

Periodontal disease, thrush, herpes, sore throat, gingivitis, throat and mouth cancers are typical targets.

It arrives in a dropper vial: you mix 5 drops with 15cc of water (1/8th of an inch in a glass) and gargle for 90 seconds once a week. It must reach all parts of your mouth.

If you swallow it, you will eat the world’s smallest meal, but it will do more good while in contact with your throat on the way down. Once in the stomach it will be destroyed by acids.

Do not drink anything for one and a half hours afterwards.

It has also been used successfully to eradicate sore throats, often in an hour. If you have a cold or sinus problems, squirt it up your nostrils as well.

It can be used to get approaching one dose of GcMAF into the bloodstream, but the quantity that is absorbed cannot be accurately determined.

It lasts for 10 years in the freezer, when taken out and used it must be kept in the fridge, where it will last 8 weeks.

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Please note we have consolidated our product lines, and you will be supplied with the more powerful Goleic in dropper bottles.

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