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We are interested in the eradication of chronic disease, initially cancer, with methods that can be proven at the molecular biology level.

Our main mission is to eradicate cancer.

In 2013 we wrote 16 peer reviewed research papers which were published in prestigious scientific journals, more than any other institution in our field, where we are acknowledged to be the leaders.

We speak at major medical research conferences around the world, and as a result we are redirecting many scientists from unfruitful areas of research to the fruitful areas of immunology, GcMAF, and related treatments. So our impact is much higher than just the 350 doctors we supply ourselves.

We wish you well in every sense of the expression.

Cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy, a 100-year-old poison that started life out as World War One mustard gas.

According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, 97% of people who take chemotherapy are dead in 5 years.

We treat terminal stage 4 cancer where people have two months to live, with GcMAF. Providing they follow “Treatment Strategies” on our website, 80% are found to be cancer free in a year.

We perform 9 tests on our GcMAF, as it says in “Tests of our GcMAF”.

One of our tests has always been sterility – by the Government’s Health Protection Agency, the top authority.

You are probably aware our GcMAF has always, right from the first batch, been tested with live cancer cell and or macrophage assays, the only way you can tell if it is active.

Those research papers that have been written using publicly available GcMAF, all used our GcMAF in their experiments.

With those over 100 independent tests, and internal assays performed several hundred times, no other GcMAF in the world has ever been tested to so exacting a degree.

We are the only supplier to have the capability of live cancer cell assays in house.

You cannot prove GcMAF is active unless you carry out live cell tests.

The penultimate of the nine tests is to add macrophages to the MCF7 cancer cell line in vitro. Nothing happens. Then we add the GcMAF. In 72 hours the cancer cells have been eaten by the macrophages.

The last is to add GcMAF to the cancer cells without macrophages. In 72 hours the GcMAF has reverted the cancer cells back into healthy cells.

This is futuristic research to most of the world’s pharmaceuticals.  To us, its everyday production.

Only two publicly available GcMAFs can therefore prove they are GcMAF – ours, and Jim Tassano’s from California. (The FDA closed him down)

Our PhD’s and BSc’s work with other scientists in the field who are keen to use our lab, because it gives them all the facilities they need.

We are compelled to be the best and to do it right, because that is how our minds force us to work. So we have no choice than to remain committed to the highest standards that are possible with the resources available.

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