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Please remember –
Do not freeze GcMAF – it keeps for 8 weeks in the fridge.
– Unless you are not going to use a vial for some weeks. Then you may freeze it once only.

Then it will last for up to 10 years. See “Buy GcMAF” and “Tests of our GcMAF” to see how long GcMAF lasts.

Our vial is 2.2ml, which is up to eight shots, which is one 100ng, 0.25ml shot a week.

Please go to a chemist and buy two things: a bag of 10 x 0.3ml insulin/diabetic syringes (with needle), cost about €2.50. Or put “BD microfine 0.3ml syringe ” into an internet search engine and you’ll find a number of companies that sell 100 syringes for about €30. And:
GcMAF needs normal levels of vitamin D to function at full strength, so unless you have a blood test that shows you have vitamin D levels at over 40ng/ml, we suggest 10,000 IU (150 micrograms) of vitamin D (D3 is the best) every day, available from a chemist.

You should read “Treatment Protocol” to understand how to handle GcMAF.

Finally, if you have any feedback or questions, do drop us an email!

Best wishes
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