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Your body’s own internal medicine
In a healthy person your GcMAF has 11 actions, including two on cells, three excellent effects on the brain, and 6 on cancer. Amongst these it acts as a “director” of your immune system. But viruses and malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that prevents production of your GcMAF: that neutralises your immune system. So diseases become chronic, and cancer cells grow unchecked.

Minutes after a receiving a dose, 10 of the actions restart. In three weeks of one GcMAF dose a week, your immune system is rebuilt to above normal strength. You need one to two doses a week for typically 24 weeks for many diseases and early cancers, up to seven one ml doses a week and a year for stage 4 cancers. The disease is then taken down without side effects, and successfully in up to 80% of cases -depending upon how well you follow the protocol under “Treatment Protocol” on this website.

(We’ve just discovered a 12th action of Goleic only, related to oncogenes.)

What is GcMAF?
It is a human protein. One week’s GcMAF looks like a small raindrop. It is perfectly sterile, and a most ethical course for doctors.

GcMAF is therefore a replacement therapy for those who can’t make their own. Taking GcMAF replaces the missing part of the immune system, and also acts as the body’s own internal medicine.

We extract and isolate GcMAF molecules, and our GcMAF has undergone hundreds of laboratory experiments in universities, laboratories and clinics and been the subject of 25 scientific research papers.

What does GcMAF do?
The GcMAF Conference 2013 showed GcMAF is a far more powerful molecule than we thought, both in terms of the science, and doctors’ results. In stage 4 cancer, some doctors who choose the right complimentary therapies, such as those listed on our “Treatment Strategies,” are saving every patient. We’ve had complete successes with many common cancers including prostate lung breast and melanoma, but a little with leukemia too.

The immune system can eradicate chronic inflammation, bacterial and viral infections, and our GcMAF has been successful here, and with Autism, Chronic Herpes, Chronic Acne, Chronic cirrhosis of the liver, Chronic kidney disease, Chronic depression, Colitis, Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Herpes, LMBBS, ME/CFS, Osteoporosis, and various types of Immune dysfunction including allergies. Research shows GcMAF can halt deterioration in Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia and ALS, and in its role of immune system regulator, can reverse diseases that attack the immune system like Lupus and Arthritis. And is effective with wound healing.

In addition to rebuilding a depressed immune system, GcMAF:
Inhibits angiogenesis – stops blood supply to tumours
Activates macrophages – phagocytosis and destruction of cancer cells
Apoptosis – suicide of cancer cells
Reverts the cancer cell phenotype to normal (Turns cancer cells into healthy cells)
Reduces the metastatic potential of human cancer cells in culture.

Increases energy production at the mitochondrial level – ME/CFS
Improves human neuronal metabolic activity through cAMP signaling  – autism, ME/CFS, MS, ALS
Counters toxic effects including cadmium – ME/CFS
It abolishes neuropathic pain due to neuro-oxidative stress (stress due to the anti-cancer drug oxaliplatin) in the lab. (neurodegenerative diseases and autism that have oxidative stress as a pathogenetic mechanism)
It increases neuronal connectivity by promoting differentiation and the formation of dendrites and neuritis (autism and ME/CFS, where there is a lack of connectivity between neurons).

See the 16 research papers we have published, particularly Brescia, and the 60 published by others listed under “The science”.

Clinics, doctors and those diagnosed with any of these illnesses, and who have done their own research on GcMAF, are invited to respond. We ask for a copy of diagnostic information and update reports from a physician during and after treatments, to help build the case that GcMAF is effective for various illnesses, which will help to make it available to the public. Participants are free to stop at any time.

We are the main supplier for research universities, 350 clinics and doctors, with 8,000 participants, and we are the only one who tests for activity, which can only be done reliably with live cell assays like the one on our front page, which is a time lapse video of the 8th assay we do in our laboratory – our GcMAF activates macrophages that eat cancers cells. We are the only people in the world with this technology.

Our research abstract paper on our results was published simultaneously on 1st February at the 5th Immunotherapeutics Conference in San Diego California, and at the PMTC Conference at the Universtiy of Sharjah, UAE.

We promised six more scientific research papers during 2013; the first of those, about the histology of GcMAF destroying breast and brain cancer cells, was accepted at the Immunotherapy and Immunomonitoring Conference Krakow, Poland, 22-24th April. But in fact we had written 12 in the first six months of 2013;  All 12 have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication in Immunology conferences or prestigious scientific journals.

The many scientists who have published papers on trials of GcMAF selected those in the early stages of cancer and HIV, and reported nearly 100 percent success, with no recurrence after many years. They did not attempt trials on people with large tumours.

Our trials are quite different: many people are over 50, some over 80, with advanced or terminal cancers, with significant tumour mass.

Our GcMAF appears to be successful at rebuilding the immune system in around three weeks in the vast majority – over 80%.  The life of GcMAF is only six days – you have to keep taking it until your disease has gone (ie your nagalase is under 0.65 nmol/min/mg) then a further 8 weeks, or the immune system gets shut down again. In average responders  nagalase comes down at the rate of 10-40% every 8 weeks.

How long should you take GcMAF for?
8 weeks for chronic herpes/acne, fibromyalgia, inflammation.
Allow 24 weeks plus of GcMAF  for: Autism (85% improve, 15% eradication), CFS (70% eradication), HIV, Lyme (8% respond, most appear to have the VDR gene blocked and the viruses conceal themselves with biofilms) and stage 1 to 2 cancer, (80% respond).
Late stage cancer, if you follow “Treatment strategies” again has 80% responders, but it takes a year to 18 months to become cancer free.
Cirrhosis of the liver: 16 months

Remember everyone responds differently. We can’t say how you will respond.

The more minor the disease, the easier it is for GcMAF and your immune system to eradicate. GcMAF needs normal levels of vitamin D to function strongly (take 10,000iu a day). in low responders, larger doses are required.

We have probably proved GcMAF can work for people up to age 90, with terminal stage 4 cancer, and can destroy large tumour mass. See “Participants experiences”.

If you have your blood taken for monocyte counts, relevant markers and vitamin D levels, and again for a nagalase test at the beginning, you should see on your next test after three weeks that your immune system is back to full strength, and after 8 weeks significantly falling nagalase will indicate the disease is losing its grip. Don’t stop the GcMAF until your nagalase gets below 0.65 nmol/min/mg, when it loses the ability to prevent your body producing your own GcMAF, and then you no longer need ours. Even better, get scans.

Autism children can improve at five weeks with substantial improvements at 8 weeks. See “Participants experiences.” But everyone is different.

The beauty of using your own immune system to attack disease or cancer is that it remembers how to defeat it for the rest of your life: it doesn’t come back. And unlike chemotherapy, the side effects are trivial.

The only way you can tell if GcMAF is genuine and active is to test with living cells in a laboratory. See “Tests of our GcMAF.” To recap:

We put live macrophages cells and MCF7 breast cancer cells together; nothing happens. Then we add GcMAF; in 72 hours the macrophages eat all the MCF7 cancer cells. We then put only GcMAF and MCF7 together, and the GcMAF turns the cancer cells back into healthy cells.

We have GcMAF available for preclinical trials. See “Buy GcMAF”.

You must read at least all of “Buy GcMAF” and “Treatment strategies” on the left if you want to take this further.  And you must be prepared to give us feedback.

If you have questions, click “Contact” at the top to send us an email, or call our hotline +65 6733 1318 between 9.30am to 6pm GMT+8”


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