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Kidney disease

There is one published paper:

The Vitamin D Axis in Chronic Kidney Disease – State of the Art and Future Perspectives

published in European Nephrology in 2011

Which states that “All the components of the vitamin D axis participate in the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The vitamin D axis includes vitamin D, vitamin D receptor, vitamin D-binding protein (VDBP), and GcMAF.

In CKD proteins are lost, so less GcMAF is produced. And as a chronic disease elevated nagalase will be found. And if dialysis is used, inflammation will occurr.

in late stages cachexia (progressive weight loss, anorexia, erosion of body cell mass) occurs, and the immune system is collapsed.

We have just one person who took GcMAF with vitamin D and appears to have reversed chronic stage 3 kidney disease.


Liver disease including cirrhosis of the liver

GcProtein or VDBP is made in the liver. In advanced liver disease the production of GcProtein (and other proteins) is impaired, with the result GcMAF cannot be made in the blood. The immune system is therefore severely compromised.

Good nutrition is needed to make up for the lost proteins, and the pini score should be calculated. Branched amino acids like whey protein are needed to make up for some of those proteins, milk contains GcProtein, and external GcMAF is needed to rebuild the immune system. We have just one well documented case, which will shortly be formally published.

Liver cirrhosis due to Hepatitis B, one case fully recovered

Italy. Monitored by an Italian university research center (one of the best centers on hbv internationally) and a University professor who is also an MD. Started antivirals which made virus replication undetectable in the blood but did not clear hbv infection from the liver, no effect on immune status or general well being.

Before gcmaf: could not stand for long, could not walk for long, traveling taking airplane, trains, metro especially in big messy cities like Rome for my job used to kill me. Metro and city trains, both crowded or empty, made me feeling without any strength even just sitting. i could not breath like an asthma crisis probably due to chemicals and pollution and had to get off to breath some fresh air.

Sleep problems, i could sleep only after 1-2am by taking melatonin.  Used to get horrible infections like severe almost monthly flu with lungs bronchitis lasting a minimum of 5 weeks, never totally clearing candida infections in mouth, a simple cut in a leg lasting 2 months with antibiotics creams worsening the infection (could clear it only by pure honey, it took 2 months). After the GcMAF, all that’s gone now.

Nagalase. April 2011: 6.7.  Began GcMAF 15th May 2011.  Nagalase 1.5 on 10.1.12.

It took 1.6 years to fully recover from the liver cirrhosis, the researchers who saw such fast improvement were really surprised, and I am not aware of such fast improvement ever being reported before (about 50% can regress cirrhosis by 5-6 years of antiviral use but only partially, nodules don’t regress)

13/11/2009 Baseline Fibroscan was 15.9kpa, 1 started started antivirals on 17/11/2009, by 26/03/2010 it was 16,3kpa (worsened),
on the 01/05/2011 started gcmaf, 26/05/2011 6,3kpa (below 6 is normal), 07/02/2012 5,6kpa (fully normal), 16/10/2012 4,5kpa

Nodules on the cirrhotic liver are slowly regressing 2 years after the first GcMAF. Cirrhotic nodules are not report to regress on advanced

The GcMAF immune system rebuild has been completely successful. 10.1.12. Sure I am close to a complete cure. All diseases including HEP B, except HBV, gone, great immune system, none of the usual colds.  He also took the vitamin D and our relevant recommendations from “Treatment Strategies” on the left.

Sorry that is all we have until publication.

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