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We are now running continuous residential treatment for CFS and late stage cancers in Europe. The reason is the results we get vary enormously. But those who live closest to us get by far the best results, because we are able to ensure they get it right.

Ninety per cent of people with CFS make full recoveries, if they are close enough to us to monitor. It takes daily communication. If you get it right, you can eradicate terminal stage 4 cancer almost every time, providing you have three months to live (six months to live if you have had chemotherapy, because it compromises your immune system.)


If cancer we give you you a two to three hour full body scan to find all tumours and any other diseases which present themselves (which we also aim to treat). Goleic, often one ml a day, is accurately positioned, using the ultrasonography as part of the procedure. We average a 25% reduction in tumour size in a week. To date our best result is a 35% tumour volume reduction in a week, our worst 22%.

Ultrasonography is accurate to one tenth of a millimetre, much more accurate than than an MRI and other methods of scanning, and we have the very latest in that technology. We measure and show you the tumours, on screen or as a print-out, and you can see the reduction in size as the week progresses.

We always have interesting additional results. In one case we are injecting into a tumour artery as thin as 1.6mm. The blood immediately takes the Goleic to every part of the tumour, one third of which has died in a week. The two patients who couldn’t walk at the beginning of the week now can, and one of those has 50% shrinkage in his calf tumour that week. Another had been on external insulin for 3 months, because his pancreatic tumour had prevented it from making insulin. At the end of the week the tumour had shrunk sufficiently that insulain production had restarted, and he is not longer taking it externally.

The clinic has the happiest of atmospheres. Participants arrive still believing they are going to die, and mutter about “people who make the impossible claim of 25% reduction, and I’m here in spite of that, not becaue of it.” In 24 hours they see a reduction, they’ve listened to a couple of lectures, and they know they are going to live. By Friday, they are stunned that they too got the 25%. For our staff, its great to be an essential part of saving peoples’ lives.

In CFS the brain is scanned and ultrasonography used for treatment both with and without GOleic.


The five most common causes of cancer are:

1.  Too much sugar
2.  Poor nutrition lacking in amino acids and trace metals
3.  Lack of vitamin D
4.  Lack of oxygen and exercise
5.  Severe shock stress.

These are remodeled on your arrival, and will be with you for the rest of your life to ensure, with your immune system, the cancer never returns.

Nutrition is vital, particularly the amino acids and and trace metals modern food does not provide. As well as nutrition lectures, you are advised on what food to buy.

We are assembling a small but impressive Board of Scientists and Doctors who will assess you individually for treatment. The lead consultant doctor is Professor Marco Ruggiero MD.

30% of any cure is mental, and the first step is to get out of your current surroundings, which is one of the reasons the courses are residential.

You receive lectures from the Board about the medical steps you must take. All treatment will be provided.

The cost and the guarantee

Although cancer clinics often charge €20,000 a week and guarantee nothing, our charge is a total of €4,800 a week. €3,000 is for the clinic, and €1,800 is our estimate for your hotel costs. We suggest six weeks. Everything you need to take is included in the cost. It starts on Mondays, and the main sessions are on weekdays. The maximum number of people who may attend is 8.

If you have a measurable tumour, we are sufficiently confident that in the unlikely event it does not reduce by at least 10% in volume in any course week, we offer a refund of that weeks fees.

Please email us, or call 0044 1481 722787 if you are interested.

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