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We’ve just opened a clinic in Germany and a second in Switzerland. With three, we hope to be able to cope with demand.

We are now running continuous treatment for CFS and late stage cancers in Europe. The reason is the results we get vary enormously. But those who live closest to us get by far the best results, because we are able to ensure they follow the protocol.

In cancer we give you a body scan with ultrasound to find tumours and any other diseases which present themselves (which we also aim to treat). Goleic, often one ml a day, is accurately positioned, using the ultrasonography as part of the procedure. If the tumour can be visualised on ultrasound, we average a 25% reduction in tumour size in the first week, but the reduction decreases; in subsequent weeks its 25% of what’s remaining. If you have many tumours, we may not be able to reduce them all.

Ultrasonography is accurate to one tenth of a millimetre, in some instances much more accurate than than an MRI and other methods of scanning, and we have the very latest in that technology. We measure and show you the tumours, on screen or as a print-out, and, in many cases, you can see the reduction in size as the week progresses. We have never experienced swelling of tumours, they start reducing immediately, possibly because we are using 5 of Goleics attacks on cancer, and the sixth, the immune system, isn’t rebuilt for 3 weeks.

We always have interesting additional results. In one case we were injecting into a tumour blood vessel as thin as 1.6mm. The blood immediately takes the Goleic to every part of the tumour, one third of which may have died in a week. The two patients who couldn’t walk at the beginning of their week could by the end, and one of those has significant shrinkage in his calf tumour that week. An 82 year old with pancreatic cancer had been on external insulin for 3 months, because his pancreatic tumour had prevented it from making insulin. At the end of the week, thanks to our integrated approach the tumour had shrunk sufficiently that insulin production had restarted, and he is no longer taking it externally. Pancreatic cancer is supposed to be incurable, but in 2.5 weeks he got a significant reduction in pancreatic tumour size. He’s now back flying his areoplane. We are just as successful with pancreatic cancer tumours as with others.

In most cases we are able to visualise the activation of the immune system by looking at the increase in blood flow in the spleen. About 50% of all monocytes/macrophages live in the spleen and by studying the blood flow in the peripheral areas of the spleen, we are able to immediately see Goleic stimulating the immune system.

With this method, we realised that Goleic is even more effective when it is administered with a nebuliser: it directly stimulates the alveolar macrophages and it is absorbed in the bloodstream in the most physiological way. After only 2 days of Goleic administration through a nebuliser, full immune system activation can be observed. We are in the process of publishing these results in the medical scientific literature.

The centre has the happiest of atmospheres. In some instances in 24 hours they may see a change, they’ve listened to a couple of lectures, and they know they are going to live. By Friday, they are stunned that they too got the 25%. For our staff, its great to be an essential part of saving peoples’ lives.

So it is possible to come to the centre as a terminal stage 4 cancer patient with 3 or more months to live, get a 55% reduction in tumour size in 3 weeks, and then go home. Its then absolutely vital to do the protocol in “Treatment Protocol” on this website if you wish to be cancer free in the next few months.

These percentages of tumour volume reduction have been known in medical scientific literature for years. For example, in 2010, scientists from the Department of Pathology, Atomic Bomb Institute, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Japan (one of the most prestigious cancer research institution in the world), published a paper demonstrating the reduction of human hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) from 1690 to 126 cubic millimetres after 3 weeks of subcutaneous GcMAF injection (J Surg Res.2012 Jan;172(1):116-22. doi: 10.1016/j.jss.2010.07.057. Epub 2010 Sep 17.s). This means 97% reduction in 3 weeks!

According to the medical scientific literature, the five most common causes of cancer are:

1. Too much sugar
 (Cancer Res. 2011 Jul 1;71(13):4484-93. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-10-3973).
2. Poor nutrition lacking in amino acids and trace metals 
(Anticancer Res. 2000 May-Jun;20(3B):1969-75. Postepy Hig Med Dosw (Online).2012 Aug 6;66:549-53.)
3. Lack of vitamin D3 (Br J Biomed Sci.2013;70(4):161-72.)
4. Lack of oxygen and exercise
 (Ann N Y Acad Sci.2011 Jul;1229:176-83. doi: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.2011.06105.x.)
5. Severe shock stress (Psychiatr Hung.2012;27(4):277-85.)

Lower down the list comes environmental pollution and smoking (Chest.2013 May;143(5 Suppl):e1S-29S. doi: 10.1378/chest.12-2345).

These are remodeled on your arrival, and will be with you for the rest of your life to ensure, with your immune system, the cancer does not return.

Nutrition is vital, particularly the amino acids and and trace metals modern food does not provide. As well as nutrition lectures, you are advised on what food to buy.

We are assembling a small but impressive Board of Scientists and Doctors who will assess you individually for treatment. The lead consultant doctor is Professor Marco Ruggiero MD.

30% of any cure is mental, and the first step is to get out of your current surroundings, which is one of the reasons you travel to the treatment centre. You receive lectures from the Board about the medical steps you must take. All treatments are provided compassionately without further charge.

The cost
Government regulations mean we cannot admit you unless you can walk normally and have at least three months to live, (six months if you’ve had chemo); you have to be able to live comfortably abroad in a hotel for 3 weeks and have a doctors “fit to fly” certificate.
 The cost is €6,000 a week for the centre, and our estimate for your hotel costs is €1,800. We suggest two to three weeks. It starts on Mondays, and the main sessions are on weekdays. The maximum number of people who may attend is 8.

You can of course bring as many people as you like to the town, but you may only bring one person with you into the centre.

Please email us, or call 0044 1481 722787 if you are interested. A deposit of €3,000 is required to book.

The seven days runs from Monday to Monday. Typically you will fly in on Sunday and fly out on Tuesday.


American Journal of Immunology 10 (1): 23-32, 2014

The first paper on the results in our Treatment Centre has been published.
The highlights of the results section include an average tumour reduction of 25% a week, and before and after ultrasonography scans of tumour shrinkage with measurements. Patient 3 is the most representative with a 27% reduction, and four other patients (not shown) with similar results. All 26 patients showed significant clinical improvements.

doi:10.3844/ajisp.2014.23.32 (

Click here for the clinical results paper locally


Feedback from some of the patients who attended our centre:

Patrick Bulko from Slovakia: “I only stayed one week, but during that week my tumors were reduced 20 percent in volume. I am feeling very strong with good mood.”

Michelle T from USA: “The staff is knowledgeable, extremely helpful and dedicated to the task of educating patients and giving us the innovative, non-toxic treatments we need to heal. My tumor was reduced in size by 32% in one week of treatment! I wish everyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis knew about this protocol. I plan to continue with the course of treatment Dr. Rugierro and his staff recommended until I am completely cancer free.
I also want to add that GOleic maximizes the amazing, God given ability of your own body’s immune system to fight off disease and heal itself with no horrendous side-effects! I felt well and energetic the entire time I was there.”

John B Hart from Guernsey: “I attended the Swiss Treatment centre during January and February 2014, and was impressed with the manner in which I was informed and advised at every step. Professor Ruggiero and Dr.Thyer were always approachable, and all the staff were friendly and helpful. At the completion of my two sessions at the centre, the ultrasound scans showed a significant reduction in tumour size.
Blood tests conducted at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey, shortly afterwards, indicated that the creatanine count, which measures the function of my remaining kidney, had increased from 18 to 24. (33% improvement)
An M.R.I. scan conducted at the Spire Hospital, Southampton recently, confirmed that the growth of the tumours has been arrested, and could make it possible for me to benefit from a further cryo-ablation procedure.”

Karen Foort:
I had bowel cancer in August 2012, then surgery to remove the tumour, followed by six months of chemotherapy. In april 2013 after a scan mets were in my liver, ovaries and omentum, more surgery followed by four months immunotherapy. Then a scan shows mets in my liver and lungs and I had more chemotherapy which I felt I had been bullied into by my oncologist!!

After all that, her oncologist gave her six months to live. Then she came to our clinic:

The whole experience of attending your Swiss clinic in January was so positive from start to finish. After just five days of GcMAF treatment my small tumour had shrunk.  The information given by Marco was not only informative but extremely interesting, the way he explained things was so easy to understand. Lyn and Gail are so kind and caring it really is a breath of fresh air to attend and be treated at a place where money is not the main interest of the company. Thank you Biotech for all your help, kindness and treatment you are amazing.

After leaving I still took Goleic every other day and have to say feel fantastic, I play tennis competitively five times a week and have lots of energy.

Five months later my recent scan was fantastic stating no evidence of tumour recurrence, except I still have the one tiny met in my liver that has not grown, Marco told me this because it is encased and will eventually die and become scar tissue. So I’m effectively cancer free now.

So what I have done is set up a charity to help others in my situation; its called the “Foort Foundation” and is registered with the Charity Commission. Three people have already attended your clinic as a result including one man who is arriving at the new clinic in Germany today.

I think your service and product is fantastic and through my charity inform lots of cancer patients about it. If ever you need me to speak of my experience at the clinic please just pass on my details.

If anyone is reading this and has any reservations about the clinic or treatment please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

Karen Foort       kfoort(at)

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