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Clinical Results and Treatment Strategies, Cambridge

American Journal of Immunology 10 (1): 23-32, 2014

The first paper on the results in our Treatment Centre has been published.
The highlights of the results section include an average tumour reduction of 25% a week, and before and after ultrasonography scans of tumour shrinkage with measurements. Patient 3 is the most representative with a 27% reduction, and four other patients (not shown) with similar results. All 26 patients showed significant clinical improvements.

doi:10.3844/ajisp.2014.23.32 (

Click here for the clinical results paper locally

Treatment Strategies Oncology

On the same day we were also published in the Cambridge, Britain, journal Treatment Strategies Oncology. We are on the left hand side:

The whole of Issue 4 volume 1 can be seen here. We are on page 30.

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